"Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" is the title of a 1978 movie that is often found on "worst movie" lists, but still has a cult following.


Billy Shears
Peter Frampton as Billy Shears

Mark Henderson
Barry Gibb as Mark Henderson

Dave Henderson
Robin Gibb as Dave Henderson

Bob Henderson
Maurice Gibb as Bob Henderson

Mean Mr. Mustard
Frankie Howerd as Mean Mr. Mustard

Dougie Shears
Paul Nicholas as Dougie Shears

B.D. Hoffler
Donald Pleasence as B.D. Hoffler

Strawberry Fields
Sandy Farina as Strawberry Fields

Dianne Steinberg as Lucy

The Diamonds
Stargard as The Diamonds

Maxwell Edison
Steve Martin as Maxwell Edison

Future Villain Band
Aerosmith as Future Villain Band

Earth Wind and Fire
Earth Wind and Fire as Themselves

Father Sun
Alice Cooper as Father Sun

Sgt Pepper
Billy Preston as Sgt Pepper

Mr. Kite
George Burns as Mr. Kite